Great Shearwater by Anders Blomdahl
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Transparent utfyllnad Reviews of the Flight ID book

On this page we has collected several reviews of the book from the time it was released. All reviews has been kindly by each birding journals/magazines seen below. Many thanks to all of them for use permission on this web site! The reviews below is in RTF-format and could be opened and viewed in both Mac and PC computers.

Birdwatch, January 2004 (8 KB), by Steve Madge
Journal für Ornithologie vol. 144, 2003 (11 KB), by Thorsten Krüger, In German
DOFT, December 2003 (6 KB), by Kaj Kampp, in Danish language
Linnut, December 2003 (9 KB), by William Velmala, translated into Swedish
Linnut, December 2003 (8 KB), by William Velmala, in Finnish language
Quaderni di birdwatching, October 2003, by Matteo Lausetti, in Italian language
Dutch Birding, October 2003 (10 KB), by Steve Geelhoed
Limicola, October 2003 (10 KB), by Peter H. Barthel, in German language
British Birds, September 2003 (9 KB), by Martin Garner
Birding World, August 2003 (9 KB), by Brett Richards
Bird Watching, August 2003 (8 KB), by Gordon Hamlett
Fitis, July 2003 (10 KB), by Steve Geelhoed, in Dutch language
Vår Fågelvärld, July 2003 (9 KB), by Magnus Ullman, in Swedish language
Fatbirder, May 2003 (7 KB), by Fatbirder

Seawatching at Slettnes (Northern Norway) in May 2002. From left: Uffe Karlsson, Magnus Ullman, Anders Blomdahl, Janne Hägg, Klaus Malling Olsen och Michael Thim. Photo: Niklas Holmström.


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