Great Shearwater by Anders Blomdahl
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Transparent utfyllnad Authors of the book

Photo on Anders BlomdahlAnders Blomdahl
Lives in Ronneby, at the southeast corner of Sweden. Are working at the Environmental and health office, at the municipality of Ronneby. Have been birding for 26 years and have always been thrilled by seabird migration, which can be spectacular where he live. Anders prefer birding near the sea and species like gulls and skuas are among his favourites.
   Local Recorder for Blekinge between 1988 and 2001. Overseas travel has taken him to many places all around the World. Are leading tours for birdwatchers for the Swedish travelling agency AviFauna and has been a member of the Swedish Rarity Committee.
   He has published many papers in ornithological journals and have also led evening classes in ornithology. Other interests, besides birding, are music, sports (especially icehockey) and travelling.

Brief facts about Anders

Born: 25 September 1963, Ronneby, Sweden.
Family: Girlfriend.
Lives: In Ronneby, SE Sweden.
Favourite place: Too many to list – all around the World!
Equipment: Zeiss 10x40, Ziess scope with zoom, Sony video camera.
Next trip in 2012: Leading tours for AviFauna. Next tour to Alaska in june 2012.
Drink: Pepsi


Photo on Berra the RockerBertil Breife
Born and raised in Gothenburg but residing on Öland since 1974. Has been a keen birder and rock´n roll musician since the early sixties. He lives near the coast along the main route for wildfowl migrating between their breeding and wintering areas. Some of them pass just overhead his house and his fascination for their lives is endless.
   He currently work as a Manager in Naturbokhandeln (the Nature Bookshop) which is owned by the Swedish Ornithological Society and sells books, optics and other essential birding equipment. Previously he has worked with bird census and conservation projects. Berra are an ex-member of the Swedish Rarities Committee and have also published a number of papers. Co-author of 'Sällsynta fåglar i Sverige' (Rare Birds in Sweden) and 'Sjöfågelboken' published in year 1993. Rock on!

Brief facts about Berra

Born: 8 August 1948, Västerås, Sweden.
Family: Married and two moved-out daughters, and with two nice cats named Zlatan and Guiness!
Lives: On the island Öland, in SE Sweden along the Baltic coast.
Favourite place: Triberga läge and Stora Ören close to my home.
Equipment: For the moment Leica 8x32 BA and Leica APO-Televid 77 32x.
Next trip: Nothing planned at the moment.
Drink: Beer and Irish Whiskey.


Photo on Niklas at Mallorca 2003Niklas Holmström
Lives in Torshälla and work at Nordea Bank as a Corporate advisor. He has been a birder since 1974 and got hooked on seawatching and migration counting in 1978.
   Even though he is interested in all birds, seabird migration has a special place in his heart. He has been a regular at migration sites along the Swedish coast (the island Utlängan in Blekinge being one of his favourites). When collecting additional information for this book he has, for example, visited Slettnes lighthouse (arctic Norway), Madeira (6 trips), Canaries, Iceland, Mediterranean Sea, Senegal (3 trips) and USA. Niklas has written several field identification papers for different journals and also give talks. Co-author of the Swedish bestselling book 'Sjöfågelboken', which was published in year 1993 and reprinted in 95'.
   Being musically interested, he has (by rumours) advanced from punk and rock to ambient. But, 'dark' and melancohly music such as Cure, Skinny Puppy, Joy Division and Virgin Prunes still have a big room in his heart.

Brief facts about Niklas

Born: 25 February 1963, Stockholm, Sweden.
Family: Single with his his two siamese cats.
Lives: Torshälla, southwest of Stockholm.
Favourite place: Cosmopolitan – but isolated islands is something very special...
Equipment: Leica 8x42 BA, Leica APO-Televid 77 32x and Olympus SP590UZ.
Next trip in 2013: Senegal in October.
Drink: Water and latte

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