Great Shearwater by Anders Blomdahl
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Transparent utfyllnad Over 690 photographs!
Male Blue-winged Teal. USA, januari 1996.
Photo: Russ Kerr, USA.
The book are illustrated with over 690 colour photos of all European Seabirds and Wildfowl in flight and our intention have been to include photos of all species, subspecies, plumages, sexes, flocks, different angles and so on. Not surprising, it turned out to be very difficult to find in-flight photos of all those things, so we had to put a lot of extra effort in this work.
Some common species are almost impossible to see in full flight and it is of course even more difficult to catch that rare moment on a photo! How many have seen a flying Little Grebe, for instance!? Another problem was to find in-flight shots of some of the rare species, such as Swinhoe´s Storm-petrel. But you´ll find photos of both Little Grebe and Swinhoe´s Storm-petrel in flight in the book, together with other species that are seldom seen or photographed in flight.
   We did receive more than 8000 photos during our work with the book, which arrived from all over the World; Australia, Asia, Europe and North America! Then we had to sort out the photos that we wanted to include in the book, which wasn´t that easy with 8000 more or less brilliant photos to chose from! It was a tough selection and we had to drop many beautiful photos in order to reach the right number. Finally, we had 690 photos left which we wanted to include in the book. We are completely convinced that the number and quality of the photos that will be included will create the most complete selection of in-flight photos of European Seabirds and Wildfowl ever! We hope you will enjoy the photographic material in the book, as much as we do!

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