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Transparent utfyllnad A sample of trip reports & photo galleries
Gotska Sandön (Sweden) on 4-6th June 2010
Here you find a short presentation and some 40 photos of landscapes and people.
Yemen on 17 October to 2 November 2010. We spent eight full days (18-25 Oct) on mainland Yemen and seven full days (26 Oct to 1 Nov) on the remote island of Socotra.
Here you find 55 photos from mainland Yemen.
Here you find 82 photos from the island of Socotra.

Gotska Sandön (Sweden) on 21-24th May 2009
A very enjoyable visit as it was over 30 years since I last visited Gotska Sandön.
Here you find a short presentation and some 40 photos of landscapes and people.

Utlängan (Sweden) on 1-10th May 2009
Together with my birding soul mates Jan Cronlund and Anders 'Ante' Eriksson I visited Utlängan for a reunion party and a 24 years celebration.
Here you find a short presentation and some 45 photos of landscapes and people.
Utsira (Norway) on 30th September-6th October 2008
I was invited by Utsira Bird Observatory to give two lectures about the "Prospect of Seawatching" during week 40. Me and my Dutch friend Erik Sanders visited this beautiful Norwegian island. Please visit Erik Sanders photo galleries from our visit:
Photo gallery of birds
Photo gallery of birders and views
North-eastern Catalonia 29 April-5 May 2005 (PDF 46 KB).
We explored Barcelona for three days and birding in the north-eastern part of Catalonia the last three days. We recorded 141 species.
Photo gallery 1 contains 20 various pics of birds and views.
Photo gallery 2 contains 16 various pics from our stay in Barcelona.
North-eastern Catalonia in mid December 2004 (PDF 30 KB).
During two full days we saw 100 bird species, but our main goal was of course to study and photograph Balearic and Yelkouan Shearwaters!
This photo gallery contains 30 various shots from our lucky trip.
Iceland 24-31 May 2004 (report coming soon) and in Swedish language (Word 296 KB).
During our one-week tour on this dramatic and beautiful island we saw in total 84 species, which include several rarities and seabirds. I addition also four cetacean species were recorded.
This photo gallery contains 33 various shots from this lovely island.
Mallorca 6-12 May 2003 (report coming soon).
An easy birding tour with great luck as our balcony faced the great birding area of Albufera. How many have seen 130 Eleonora's Falcon in one scan with a scope from a hotel balcony?
This photo gallery contains 16 various shots from the trip.
La Gomera 1-8 December 2002 (PDF 39 KB).
Not many seabirds present except a few Little and Cory's Shearwaters. Many Laurel and a few Bolle's Pigeons and Barbary Falcon were the highlight.
This photo gallery contains 10 view shots from this very beautiful island.
Other trip reports and galleries by me, such as those from Madeira, Senegal, Salvage Islands, Slettnes and elsewhere, could be found on each web site, which deal with these countries/places.

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