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Niklas in Catalonia 2005.
Photo: Lena Thurang
This web site,, is in a way my dedication to the art of seawatching, which involve much more than the seabirds one may encounter on a coastal spot. Seawatching is not just instructive and interesting, but also great fun and a never ending challenge. It's passion and a transport of joy!
   Every seawatcher certainly have their own favourite places and areas for watching seabirds, wildfowl and cetaceans, whether it is done from a headland or from a boat at sea. My own favourite places for productive seawatching is presented on this site, even though there are so many more new countries and sites to visit.
   I start birding in 1974 and got hooked on seawatching and migration counting in 1978, which mean I have been a regular at migration sites along the Swedish coast the two last decades. The island Utlängan off the south-east corner of Sweden being one of my absolute favourites. As a co-author of the book 'Flight Identification of European Seabirds' I also had have the great opportunity to visit many new seawatching sites, such as Slettnes (east of North Cape, Norway), the Macaronesian Islands, Mediterranean, USA, Senegal, Estonia and several other places and countries, most recently Socotra, Yemen and New Zealand. However, visiting new places abroad, sometime exotic ones, is joyful and instructive, but my true 'home' have always been the Baltic Sea, seeing seven-figure totals of seabirds and wildfowl passing by along the coast two times a year is a unforgettable experience!
   At last, but not least, I have no intention to develop this site further to be a complex portal site or something like that. If it will grow, it will do so slowly. The main reason to built this site – with its subsections – was simply to share and convey information on seawatching at specific locations and, of course, inspire seawatching colleagues and all those who haven't discover this magic world within the ornithology yet!

                      – Niklas Holmström, Sweden

Postal address: Riktargatan 65 D, S-644 33 Torshälla, Sweden | Mobile phone: +46 (0)708 231058

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