Transparent utfyllnad Mallorca – mid May 2003
All photos below by Niklas Holmström
European Bee-eater (a colony were found south of Albufera). What could one possibly say about the colours of a European Bee-eater.
We booked a cheap last minute package holiday to Mallorca, not knowing where to stay until we arrived. Just imagine the great luck when I discovered that our apartment and big balcony was facing the great birding site Albufera!
My brother Patrik (not a birder, but with many rare species on his list) softening with a glas of red wine and telling friends in Sweden about our incredible good luck getting a four star apartment to no cost at all!
A pair of Red-crested Pochards photographed from the balcony (100's were seen from there!). A small party of adult Slender-billed Gulls in the pond off our hotel.
From left an adult and a 3rd cal year Audouin's Gulls in the pond off our balcony. 10-20 Audouin's were senn in pond daily, drinking fresh water and cleaning themselfs. What a pleasure, softening with a glas of red wine and stydying Audouin's in the evening!
Female Black-winged Stilt.   Male Black-winged Stilt. How many pair of legs do you recognize between the legs of the adult bird?
Kentish Plovers.   Kentish Plovers.
A Purple Swamp-hen chick.   An adult Purple Swamp-hen feeding its chick!
One distant perched Black Vulture at Cuber Reservoir. At least three Black and one Griffon Vulture were seen in the area.
View at Campanet, close to Alcudio.   View at Campanet (the caves), close to Alcudio

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