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Many birders experience great excitement at the prospect of 'seawatching' (a term by which seabird-watching is colloquially known), and seldom miss the opportunity to partake in this. It may be performed on a holiday ferry crossing accompanied by the family or friends, by a chartered pelagic tour with fellow birders, during a hitch on a fishing vessel, or from a headland on a windy day. Regardless of where it is done, it is impossible to describe in words the feeling of excitement and drama during a great seawatching day. You have to experience it yourself! Furthermore, seawatching is - for many keen birdwatchers - also coupled with the greatest identification challenges in modern field ornithology! Add to this the often unpredictable, occurrence of seabirds as well the difficulty to know in advance how many species or what numbers you are going to see on a day at sea or at a coastal spot. Well, I hope that you will find this web site covering a few selected seawatching sites both enjoyable and useful!
Senegal in October 2013
Besides a few trips to good seawatch sites in the Baltic sea and along the North Atlantic coast I look forward to visit the Cap Vert peninsula in Senegal once again to study the southbound seabird migration. It will be my fourth visit to the area. The westernmost tip of the peninsula, N'Gor, probably offer the best numbers and mix of seabird species on the entire eastern Atlantic seaboard! Feel free to visit my Senegal website»

New Zealand - what a great trip!
My five week trip to New Zealand on 7 Nov to 11 Dec 2010 were far more better then expected. I had great luck with birds, weather and all travel transports. A shortreport and photo galleries will be available in late january. Until then you'll find a day-by-day diary and photos on my NZ travel blog»

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